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Leveraging social networking and enterprise software to targeted audience

A leading automotive client partnered with one of the top social networking companies to use cookie-based technology to deliver individualized offers to a targeted audience.


The client was collecting customer data using a variety of channels and tools, with no centralized reporting structure. As a result, marketing did not have a holistic view of how campaigns and incentives were performing.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG engaged the project sponsor to ensure that the right level of organization was created to support each work stream. A project charter was created to bring the various processes of each workstream together efficiently, without adding more layers and reworking current modes of operations. Teams met weekly to review goals outlined in the charter.

Future Made Possible

  • Rather than add a layer of project management to support the proof of concept, the client benefited by adding one PM who effectively integrated the team and its work
  • The solution allowed the client to test out a new marketing technology and get results
  • ISG helped the client measure display and search media campaigns in its incentive programming
  • Clients expects to reduce incentive offers as segments behavior is matched to incentive structures