Operations Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a powerful analytical engine that drives incremental improvement in operational efficiency, as well as transformational change in service delivery. Cost, quality and productivity and benchmarking services from ISG leverage proven methodology and industry-leading data to quantify performance gaps, identify root causes for service and cost gaps and define actionable improvement opportunities. Quantitative modeling and forecasting capabilities — along with statistical analysis — help clients assess the risks and benefits of alternative scenarios and chart the optimal path forward.

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Finding savings when figures don’t match

A large insurer needed help conducting an in-depth comparison of the cost outsourcing mainframe services versus the cost to insource.


A leading international insurance provider brought its outsourced mainframe services in house, but its service management measures for volume and cost were completely inconsistent year over year. Had migrating the services saved money and, if so, how much?

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

The company asked ISG to review its legacy outsourcing contract and benchmark the cost of buying the services from its previous provider against the cost of providing the services itself. The firm wanted quantify what cost savings, if any, it had achieved. After a thorough assessment and comparison of its 2013 pricing against its 2015 pricing, ISG reconciled the measures and gave the company a consistent picture of how operating volumes and costs had changed over time.

Future Made Possible

Analyzing the budget of $21,346,323 revealed a potential savings of $1,478,872. 

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