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ISG hosts a number of flagship events serving the sourcing industry. Please see ISG Events for details.  

ISG advisors participate in events throughout the year and around the world. The following is a list of where you can find us. 


Hosting/Speaking: 7th Annual Digital Business Summit, June 19 – 20, Dallas

Hosting/Speaking: Esteban Herrera, Andreas Figueiredo Lüth, IT FORUM LATAM, June 18 – 21, Miami

Sponsoring/Speaking: Allan Surtees, Paul Donaldson, Wayne Butterfield, Phil Sampson, Blue Prism World, June 21, London

Speaking: Wayne Butterfield, Chatbot Summit, June 26, Berlin

Sponsoring/Speaking: Paul Donaldson, Markus Bott, Homan Haghighi, Stefan Meixner, AI & RPA World Summit 2017, June 27 – 29, Duesseldorf

Hosting: Paragon Awards™ Europe 2017, June 29, London

Speaking: Allan Surtees, Wayne Butterfield, Harvey Nash roundtable on Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, June 29, Leeds, UK

Sponsoring: John Vonesh, CXO Executive Summit, June 29, Indianapolis


Hosting/Speaking: ISG RPA and Automation Summit, New York, NY, July 10 – 11

Speaking/Webinar: Philip Glatz, Bitkom Akademie Advanced Analytics für Ihr Unternehmen: Mehr als nur Technologie, July 11 (10-11 a.m. Central European Time), online seminar

Sponsoring/Speaking: David Hemingson, Dawn Stoyanoff, Kirk Teal, NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers), July 29 – Aug 1, Minneapolis

Attending: Mark Davison, Scott Furlong, Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services Summit, July 31 – August 2, Chicago


Sponsoring: Nathan Frey, Kirk Teal, Randy Meeks, Thomas Ortiz, Milford Sprecher, NASACT Annual Conference, August 13 – 16, Nashville

Speaking/Webinar: Philip Glatz, Bitkom Akademie Advanced Analytics für Ihr Unternehmen: Mehr als nur Technologie, August 18 (10 - 11 a.m. Central European Time), Online Seminar


Sponsoring/Speaking: Scott Furlong, Mark Davison, RPA SSON Webinar Series – IQPC, Date TBD

Hosting: Network Services Summit, New York, Date TBD

Sponsoring/Speaking: Harald Wolf, IT-SOURCING 2017 - Einkauf meets IT, September 11-12, Hamburg

Speaking: SSON’s RPA Webinar Series, Sept 11-13, 2017

Sponsoring: Chip Wagner, IAOP RPA: AI & Cognitive Automation for Organizational Success, September 15, New York

Hosting: Automation Summit EU, September 19, Amsterdam

Sponsoring/Speaking: Scott Furlong, Finance Transformation & CFO Summit—IQPC, September 19 – 21, Dallas


Hosting: Sourcing Industry Conference US, October 11 – 13, Austin, TX

Sponsoring/Speaking: Julie Fernandez, Deb Card, HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit—IQPC

Hosting: Expertonale 2017, October 24, Frankfurt

Sponsoring: David Hemingson, Dawn Stoyanoff, EDUCAUSE 2017 Conference, October 31 - November 3, Philadelphia


Hosting: Sourcing Industry Conference EMEA, November 6 – 7, London

Sponsoring: Steve Hall, TBM Conference, November 6 – 9, Las Vegas

Hosting: Sourcing Industry Conference, India


Hosting: Super Emerging Tech Summit, California

Sponsoring/Speaking: Scott Furlong, RPA in Shared Services—IQPC