Outsourcing Advisory

  • What is our sourcing strategy and how does it align with business needs?

  • Are our provider relationships effectively delivering efficiency, business value and innovation?

  • Are we effectively leveraging new technologies and emerging service models?


Enterprises today are increasingly mature in their approach to outsourcing. Nonetheless, they struggle to keep up with new technology innovations, rapidly changing market dynamics and a constantly evolving supplier landscape.

Our data, collaborative process methodology and experienced people can help you achieve the optimal combination of cost efficiency, service delivery and innovation your business requires.


  • ROI metrics typically in the 20-1 range

  • Smart choices in selection of managed services partners

  • Facilitate client/provider relationship in all aspects of the service delivery model.

  • Effective deployment and management of multi-vendor delivery models

  • Integration of automation and RPA tools


Paul HardyPaul Hardy, Managing Director, Outsourcing Advisory




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