Outsourcing Advisory

  • What is our sourcing strategy and how does it align with business needs?

  • Are our provider relationships effectively delivering efficiency, business value and innovation?

  • Are we effectively leveraging new technologies and emerging service models?


Enterprises today are increasingly mature in their approach to outsourcing. Nonetheless, they struggle to keep up with new technology innovations, rapidly changing market dynamics and a constantly evolving supplier landscape.

Our data, collaborative process methodology and experienced people can help you achieve the optimal combination of cost efficiency, service delivery and innovation your business requires.


  • ROI metrics typically in the 20-1 range

  • Smart choices in selection of managed services partners

  • Facilitate client/provider relationship in all aspects of the service delivery model.

  • Effective deployment and management of multi-vendor delivery models

  • Integration of automation and RPA tools


Paul HardyPaul Hardy, Managing Director, Outsourcing Advisory




Big Problems, Big Ideas and New Ways of Looking at Things

Last week’s SIG Global Summit in Carlsbad, CA featured a wide range of expert speakers and engaging topics, including 1) the increasing importance of third-party risk management, and 2) the competitive imperative to leverage business intelligence from big data. Despite general consensus that these are “Important Things We Should Be ...
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Alsbridge Australia is taking root | Computer Weekly UK

Alsbridge CEO Chip Wagner discusses opportunities and client requirements in the ANZ market ...
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End of Outsourcing Contracts – an Opportunity for ANZ Laggards to Play Market Catch-Up?

David Snell, Senior Director A review of industry data sources reveals that more than 120 ANZ enterprises have large outsourcing contracts due to expire over the next 12 to 36 months, with a total contract value close to $2b AUD. These figures don’t include the smaller contracts that slip under ...
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Q&A, Jeff Augustin, Alsbridge | Outsource

Alsbridge Managing Director Jeff Augustin discusses the growth of autonomics and cognitive capabilities and service provider strategies ...
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Silver Lining: Benefits of Third-Party Risk Management Pressures

David England, Alsbridge Today’s increasingly rigorous regulatory environment fundamentally changes the game for both buyers and providers, and presents a range of significant challenges. Clients are ultimately responsible for third-party oversight and ultimately liable for breaches; for service providers, meanwhile, demonstrating “compliance readiness” is becoming a table stakes capability for ...
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Taking it to the Next Level: Four Keys to Boosting Global Business Services Capabilities

The operational strategies of global enterprises are typically characterized by a mix of shared services, centers of excellence and outsourced delivery models designed to leverage economies of scale and scope, organizational and geographic consolidation and process standardization. Today, businesses are increasingly seeking to move their approach to service delivery further ...
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