Executive Team

On Challenge the Future: “It’s a commitment to looking forward and asking, ‘how can we do this better?’ rather than relying on ‘this is how we’ve always done it.’ It’s a refusal to be complacent or comfortable, coupled with a passion to find the one ‘extra degree’ that makes the critical difference to a customer.”

On Delivery Excellence: “Our clients are demanding, as they should be. Being good is not good enough, and as an organization we need to push ourselves daily to always dig deeper, to always find that truly unexpected insight. Our competitors are working just as hard as we are, so have to be smarter.”

On Smart Growth: “Our business plan is for sustained and aggressive growth, through both organic development and acquisition. But sustained is the key – we can’t and we won’t grow in a manner that in any way stretches us too far or compromises our ability to deliver excellent service.”

On Business Changes: "Our industry is a treadmill of change and the pace continually and inevitably picks up. Our job is to make sure our clients don't stumble when it does. We have to rely on our experience to anticipate what's coming, and at the same time be open to radically new possibilities."

On Client Relationships: “We challenge ourselves to always ask our clients better questions – the best ones are those that they haven’t yet thought to ask themselves. The most important part is to then listen to the answers, and to truly understand what matters to their business and how we can help.”

On Articulating Value: “When a client decides to work with us they convey a significant amount of trust in our capabilities. To win that trust, we need to demonstrate and communicate that we understand the client’s situation and build that confidence that we will deliver the results that are expected.”

On the Workforce of the Future: “Many skills and job descriptions that will be essential five years from now probably don’t even exist yet. Our job is to find people with the capacity and passion to continually grow, who tell themselves, ‘if I’m not learning something new today, I’m going backwards.’”