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Digital Business Summit
June 14-15
London, UK

7th Annual Digital Business Summit

June 14-15, 2017 
Millennium Mayfair Hotel
44 Grosvenor Square
London, UK


Successful companies are leveraging disruptive digital technologies to transform existing operating models and reap significant competitive advantage. These technologies are revolutionising whole industries, unleashing new value chains and realizing new customer opportunities. Understand the emerging trends, changes in the market and where the next threats are going to come from. Join ISG’s Digital Business Summit as we explore what's next and what's beyond next.

  • The pace of digital business requires a complete re-thinking of the enterprise IT operating model. The majority of the IT budget – and therefore the majority of its focus – is spent maintaining yesterday’s legacy investments rather than driving forward tomorrow’s digital business future.
  • Digital Business is a strategic goal that demands new skills and resources – and a fundamental redesign of critical internal and external business processes and workflows.
  • The promise of increased capacity, reduced cost and errors and repatriation of offshore work is creating significant market demand for RPA software and services.
  • Digital Labour will accelerate disruptive shifts in workforce management.
  • Security, scale, cost and the fractured nature of the IoT landscape will reshape whole organisations.

DBS_EU3At ISG, our subject matter experts, analysts and thought leaders draw on practical experience from successful business transformation engagements with more than 700 clients across multiple industries throughout the world. Our real-world experience is unparalleled.

Participants of the Digital Business Summit will gain valuable information and actionable advice from industry experts and peers. This year’s Digital Business Summit will focus on five major themes:

Digital-Transformation-iconDriving the Digital Transformation

By the end of 2017, businesses will need to shift away from thinking of Digital Business as something separate or compartmentalised and towards a larger, more integrative vision. While there’s much industry buzz around Digital Business, we believe enterprises will extract business value through their digital fabric in four main area: connected customers, connected suppliers, connected partners and connected employees.

Security-iconSecurity and IoT

 Sensor-connected legacy systems will provide data in ways and frequencies previously untapped, improving the business value of existing infrastructure. However, current authentication and access control decisions are one-to-one, made between people and machines, or between client and server machines. The IoT brings many-to-many and machine-to-machine (M2M) requests that challenge current authentication and access methods and will pose new security challenges.

IT-Skills-iconIT Skills Gap

Business and IT leaders alike face a skills shortage that threatens their enterprises’ ability to develop and grow Digital Business initiatives. The shortfall will continue through 2017, particularly among skills such as IT security, Cloud, and data analytics and management. We will examine advanced methods of staff augmentation to offset these shortages, including outsourcing, improved skills training, and greater deployment of digital labour through 2017.

Robot-iconAutomation and Digital Workforce
Digital labour will have a profound impact on enterprises over the next several years. Entire operating models – including people, process, technology, governance, and even culture – will be re-shaped as the work done by employees is increasingly augmented by software-based virtual agents. We’ll examine how some organisations are using an Agile approach – using sprints, backlogs and story points – are introducing digital labour and realizing better outcomes. And we’ll explore how digital labour, including software capabilities well beyond robots that replace humans, is key to unlocking the possibilities of Digital Business. 

Emerging-Technology-iconEmerging Technology and Digital Disruptors

Stay abreast of emerging industry trends and providers and gain insight into the latest technology solutions.


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“Good mixture of theory, practical experience and research topics.”

“Excellent mixture of general trends and deep insights.”

“The good mix of production industry and service industry provided a wealth of new ideas.”

“Interesting presentations on the topics that are discussed in my organization, too.”

Who Should Attend

  • Senior IT Leadership (CIO / CTO)

  • Senior Business Strategists

  • Senior Marketing and Product Marketing Leaders

  • Senior Finance Leaders

  • Business and IT Risk Management

  • Corporate and Line of Business Leaders

Digital Business Thought Leaders and Speakers

Bill McNee


Prashant Kelker


Jim Hurley


Alex Bakker

Research Director

Simon Durbin


Paul Hardy


Johanna von Geyr


Owen Wheatley


Harald Wolf