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2017 Paragon Awards (Europe)


ISG invites you to enter the Paragon Awards™ Europe 2017


Key Dates

Close: Friday 21st April 2017

Finalists Announced:
Friday 28th April 2017

ISG UK Paragon Awards Announcement:
Thursday 29th June at the Paragon Awards Gala Dinner

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Meet our 2016 Paragon Award winners

Nominations are now open for the third annual Paragon Awards™ Europe.

The ISG Paragon Awards™ Europe celebrate the evolution of the sourcing industry through the application of new sourcing approaches and digital technology, including the use of robotic process automation, by recognizing the achievements of leaders in the following categories:

  • Excellence: Recognizing outstanding delivery by a technology/service provider

  • Transformation: Recognizing the successful transformation of an organization or key business function

  • Leadership: Recognizing a client executive who has demonstrated exceptional drive and leadership

  • Collaboration: Recognizing a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship between a client and a provider or group of providers

  • Imagination: Recognizing the importance of imagination and entrepreneurial spirit in helping organizations future-proof their businesses and better serve customers

  • Impact: Recognizing the impact of a particular technology or service on a community of people, be they members of the public, customers or any defined group

  • ISG Special Award: Recognizing a nominated individual or organization that has had an outstanding impact on the industry, a community, technology innovation or new business practice. The winner of this award is selected by an ISG panel.

The finalists in each category will receive peer and industry recognition. Winners will be announced at an exclusive gala dinner to be held at one of the world’s foremost art galleries, The National Gallery in London - on Thursday 29th June 2017.

On this evening, we will also be honouring the winners of the Challenge the Future® Awards, a legacy program of Alsbridge, acquired by ISG in December 2016. 


Awards Descriptions

The award descriptions below offer more information about each category, including which are open to organizations and which to individuals. Register your nominations by Friday 21st April

Collaboration Award Transformation Award Leadership Award

This award recognizes a mutually beneficial relationship between a client and one or more service or technology providers. The award encompasses all relevant parties. Entries should include and demonstrate the following points:

  • Collaborative/constructive relationships
  • Alignment of mutual objectives versus competing objectives
  • A "one team" culture

Impact on:

  • Business results of the client
  • Operational efficiencies for all affected parties
  • End user satisfaction, increased performance/efficiency
  • Soft benefits of collaboration to all parties

This award recognizes the fundamental transformation of an organisation or key business function. It rewards both client and service/technology provider. Entries should include and demonstrate the following points:

  • Clear understanding of the current operation and desired new outcome
  • Development & management of a cogent change plan to drive the transformation

Impact on:

  • Positioning the client to respond to changing market dynamics
  • Delivery of outcomes affecting revenue, sales, performance issues, customer satisfaction etc...
  • Maintaining relevance, ongoing measuring of results and adaptability to the future needs

This award recognizes a client executive who has demonstrated exceptional drive and leadership. Entries should demonstrate leadership qualities and the following key attributes:

  • Creates a compelling vision for the future and motivates others to help drive this forward
  • Inspires and motivates others to excel, whether they are in-house or service provider staff
  • Takes prompt, decisive action to resolve issues quickly & effectively
  • Sets high standards of integrity and leads by example


Imagination Award Excellence Award

This award recognizes the importance of imagination in helping organisations to future-proof their businesses as well as the entrepreneurial spirit needed to help them make a step change in how they serve their customers. Imagination Award nominees can include individuals, organisations or a combined client and provider team. Imagination is difficult to quantify but entries should try to demonstrate the following points:

  • Championing of new technologies, processes and/or approaches that make a significant change to an organisation’s operations
  • Entrepreneurial approach to move the organisation closer to its stated aims

Impact on:

  • Business results of the client
  • Operational efficiencies for all affected parties
  • Successful implementation of innovations in technology, new ways of working, or both

This award recognizes outstanding service delivery and excellence by a technology or service provider in the provision of services and/or leading edge technologies to a client or clients. Entries should include and demonstrate the following points:

  • Achievement of the relationship’s commercial and performance objectives
  • The introduction of new and/or innovative service approaches that make a positive and measurable impact on the client’s business
  • What part of the approach went beyond the normal parameters of service delivery and why?

Impact on:

  • Business results of the client
  • Operational efficiencies for all affected parties
  • A positive and collaborative relationship between client and provider


Impact Award

ISG Special Award

This award recognizes the impact of a client/provider(s) sourcing relationship on a community of people, be they members of the public, customers or any defined group. It is easy to focus on the business benefits of sourcing arrangements to the client but the benefits to their customers and any resultant community impact can be just as important. Entries should include:

  • A description of the end customer group (for example but not limited to; NHS patients, rail passengers, utility customers, loyalty card customers, etc…)
  • A clear understanding of the issues impacting the target group
  • A short account of the selected approach
  • Quantifiable benefits to the end customer group/community
  • Softer benefits for the end customer group/community

Any evidence of collaboration or responding to feedback from the end customer group

This award will be presented to an organization or individual, identified by an ISG panel as deserving special recognition. This can pertain to their impact on the industry, a community, technology innovation, new business practices etc…

The winner will be selected from the general Paragon Awards entries and ISG submissions only. No nominations will be accepted externally for consideration

Judging Process

The first round of judging will be carried out by ISG leaders. They will select up to 3 x finalists in each category.  Details of the finalists will be announced publicly on Friday 28th April. 

The winner in each category will then be selected by a panel of independent judges.  In addition, peer-voting will form part of the decision-making for two of the awards -   Excellence and Leadership.

Shortlisted entries for the Excellence and Leadership Awards will be showcased on the event website for a two-week period following the announcement of the finalists. Peer voting will be available via various channels throughout this period and will account for 50% of the total for these two awards.


Five Reasons to Take Part: The Paragon Awards

  1. Recognise your most valued assets. Celebrate your valued clients and trusted employees. The Paragon Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your clients and employees. Taking part can cement good client relationships, boost staff morale and improve motivation.
  2. Gain recognition for your brand. Awards can be an overlooked tool in your marketing toolbox. Being shortlisted for the Paragon Awards can improve brand awareness and promote your business to an audience who are specifically interested in the kinds of products and services that you provide – and who may now have another reason to consider your company
  3. Benchmark your services. The application process forces you to look at your services and results vis-a-vis your competitors. You can better understand how you stand out from the competition. 
  4. Increase your credibility. Highlight your successes through a third party endorsement of your services. Your work will be reviewed by potential clients, as well as the world’s leading sourcing advisor, with extensive influence across the globe. 
  5. Promote your success. We will promote the Paragon Award finalists and winners across our website, media outreach and via a number of social media channels.  We average around 25,000 visitors to our site per month, have more than 25,000 subscribers, and many more thousands of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter followers.

Paragon Award Entry Process

Nominations will be accepted until close of business Friday 21st April 2017.

Initial reviews of submissions and selection of finalists will be carried out by an ISG panel. The finalists in each category will be notified in writing by Friday 28th April 2017 and will be announced on the ISG website –

Winners for each category, with the exception of the ISG Special Award, will be selected by an independent judging panel. Finalists for the Leadership and Excellence categories will also be subject to a public vote to decide winners.

 All winners will be announced at the ISG Paragon Awards Gala Dinner on Thursday 29th June 2017 at The National Gallery in London.

Each award category will include a winner and two runners-up.


Conditions of Entry

The ISG Paragon Awards 2017 are open to qualifying organisations across Europe. To be eligible for consideration, entries must meet the following requirements:

  1. Nominations must refer to a contract or service relationship that was active in whole or in part, in Europe during 2016/17.
  2. All sections of the nomination form must be completed for the category or categories for which the applicant seeks nomination.
  3. There is no limit to the number of categories for which applicants may seek nomination – but a new form must be submitted for each nomination.
  4. No feedback will be provided on the judging process and the decision of the judges is final.
  5. Nomination(s) must be received in the specified format (see the How to Enter section below) by Friday 21st April 2017 to be considered by the judging panel.
  6. Nominations will be accepted from both buy-side and service provider/sell-side companies.
  7. Finalists agree that their company names and logos may be used by ISG in Paragon Awards communications, presentations, support material, websites, etc. 

How to Enter

  1. Complete all sections of the nomination form by providing all information requested.
  2. An overall limit of 850 words has been stipulated per nomination. Any entries above this word count will not be considered. This does not include your 250 word abstract.
  3. In the event of your organisation or yourself winning an Award, any information in your synopsis may be used in the announcement of why you were selected.
  4. In the event your organisation becomes a finalist or the winner of an Award, you consent to your client being named (if applicable) in all marketing of the awards shortlist, unless stated in writing at the time of submission.
  5. Submit your completed nomination via email attachment to
  6. Nominations must be submitted by no later than close of business on Friday 21st  April 2017.
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